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Our experience is more than 30 years in this field, thus the industry of windows and doors is our specialty as it is our name .  

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uPVC Solutions

Specialized Qatar's UPVC products provide optimal solutions for all expectations, catering to diverse needs with precision.

Fly Screen Solutions

Specialized Qatar Company, is distinguished by providing all kinds of fly screen systems        ( Fixed, Hinged, Slide, Rollup and zigzag ).

Frameless Essentials

Frameless folding system from specialized uPVC for a modern style of eye contact between the interior spaces.

Showers Glass

Explore our sophisticated and contemporary glass shower enclosures, harmonizing style and functionality

Glass Handrails

Present our cutting-edge glass handrail solutions, seamlessly integrating safety features


Discover our innovative curtain wall systems, intricately designed to enhance


Specialized Qatar meticulously designs the Dome and Skylight for architectural buildings to optimize natural light and enhance insulation against sound and heat effectively.


Discover our stylish awning solutions, offering both shade and architectural enhancement for outdoor spaces.

Pivot Door

Explore our innovative pivot door designs, combining sleek aesthetics with effortless functionality for a striking entrance statement.

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