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At first glance, the sheer elegance and commanding presence of this door are simply overwhelming. It's not just a door to be opened; it's a statement, leaving an indelible impression. Combining cutting-edge technology with refined sophistication, its authoritative and majestic aura captivates. This architectural marvel meets the need for expansive surfaces and grand entrances, embodying unparalleled craftsmanship that defies convention and propels doors into a new era - Specialized qatar.
Why Pivot ?

The Pivot door introduces a revolutionary movable pivot point solution. This advancement allows us to craft doors of breathtaking proportions, defying limitations of size and weight while achieving awe-inspiring visual effects. With this innovation, we transcend boundaries, ushering in a new era of door design.

Our Material

500 kg

Modern technology allows us to create door leaves weighing up to half a ton, which paves our way to some stunning finishes worldwide.


We produce doors to order, according to the customer’s wishes, both in terms of design and functionality. We adjust our design to fully cater for your needs and expectations.


We use innovative technology and top-class components. We provide the highest quality of workmanship and lightness of opening, regardless of the weight of the leaf.

6 x 2 meters

We create custom-made doors, up to 2000 x 6000mm. Each structure can be additionally enlarged with side and/or upper fixed elements or glazing.